naturally you salon


I have worn my natural hair almost all of my life while practicing as a licensed professional for the past 13 years. I help beautiful brown women GROW healthy natural hair!
I know first-hand the trials you experience while discovering what works. Everyday I practice the sticky details you need to  to be successful during your journey to healthy natural hair.
Let me help you simplify the process of learning to
rock your natural hair with confidence and ease.
You don’t want regular old natural hair…You want stunning natural hair that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t break your arms with hours of maintenance.
You are at the right place to make your journey to healthy natural hair easy and enjoyable! I am here to help you incorporate natural hair care harmoniously into your life. My goal is to help you make it an easy transition.
I help women embrace and discover the beauty of their natural hair through one-on-one, in person and distance services. I also offer a variety of natural hair products and accessories for natural hair including workEboneeshops to enlighten you on the best practices to keep your hair healthy and easy to manage.
Best wishes on your journey!


Nashville, TN


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