Remedy dry brittle hair with Rosewater

RosewaterManaging natural hair presents many challenges, but moisture remains the number one challenge.

Rosewater has been used to maintain beauty throughout history. It is a staple in my natural hair regimen. I use it to tone my hair. Just as you tone your skin after cleansing and before applying moisturizer. Adding this extra step creates  natural shine by sealing cuticles and protecting your core from damage. Use daily instead of water to re-wet your curls.


Why it worksThe pH of rosewater is slightly acidic just like your hair and skin! It causes cuticle layer to constrict and lay flat protecting strands from potential damage and reflecting light creating a natural shine.

How and When to Use?

damaged hairFrequent wetting actually dries your hair out making it look dull in appearance. Use rosewater to dampen curls for a softer more defined twist out; spray on hair full strength or diluted with distilled water to re wet and reset your twist out.

Tone and soften; Spray hair liberally after rinsing conditioner.

Reduce inflammation; spray scalp to relieve itching and dryness.

Spray on face after cleansing to tighten and soften skin.

Buy rosewater at naturallyyousalon $6/ea.

Thru 4/15 free with Purchase of Kera Care Set

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Are twist extensions a good option for styling natural hair?

Are twist extensions a good styling option for natural hair?

Sure, as long as you use them for temporary relief from your natural hair, not your permanent style. The versatility of this style make it a great option for exercise, work and play. It is important to remember to keep your hair moisturized because synthetic hair  draws moisture from your hair. One way to balance moisture while wearing twists is to apply a great moisturizer every couple days. Twists also offer a time saving option for anyone transitioning. Long wear-ability offers a break from the frustration of dealing with two textures.

Twist extensions have different names characterized by size, length, and type of hair used.

Here are a few:

Marley Twists refer to medium size and length using Marley Braid hair.
Senegalese Twists refer to micro to small size mid back to waist length using micro yaki kanekelon hair.
Havana Twists refer to extra-large medium to long length using puffy twist hair.

Twists can be work worn between two and three months. Shampoo and retouch on edges is recommended after 4-6 weeks or sooner if edges are weak. Because I know you’re working hard to stay healthy as spring approaches, here’s a special offer for you.

twist extensions

Book your appointment before April 15 and receive your choice of two of my very favorite products; Dudley’s PCA ($15) or Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($10-$12).

Cost for twists start at $200 (increase with length and smaller size). $50 deposit required to book appointment. Call, text, or email to schedule your appointment today. 615-485-6936

Visit website for more details.

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Go with the flow….

As the year comes to a close taking inventory of my personal peace moves high on my list, a personal mind, body, soul check-up if you will so I decided to participate in Art Everyday Month as a way to relax, escape, and reflect. Art Everyday Month is basically where you commit to creating art during the month of November to foster creativity.

Here is my first piece that I created over two days. I created it to encourage an abundance of love, happiness, and wealth in our lives and also serve as a reminder to go with the flow.


Title: Go with the flow/Abundance

Mixed Media

I am sharing this with my natural hair community because making the decision to go natural requires you to be open to going with the flow. The best advice I can give to all of you on your journey to healthier natural hair is to accept yourself as you are, let go of trying to make your hair what it is not,  and let go of feeling like every hair has to be in place all the time.

In true “go with the flow fashion”, I missed the first two days, but picked up as soon as my life allowed on the 3rd and took two days to complete one piece. Nonetheless, I have art to enjoy, and I can’t tell you how relaxing it is was to escape from my routine and just create.

As you grow along your natural hair journey remember to go with the flow. Enjoy the journey. You will stumble along the way to becoming aware of your hair needs, but every road to healthy natural hair is paved with greasy pillows, slippery showers, discovery of long lost hair pins, premature frizzy twist outs and more. It will not be easy.

Step confidently out of your comfort zone, be daring and experiment with different styles. Try a simple pin up style on your next twist out. When you learn to go with the flow you will experience an abundance of love, guidance, support, and yes compliments on your efforts and courage to Rock your natural hair.

Need help learning to go with the flow of your natural hair?  Sign up for a workshop to discover an easy regimen, connect with fellow naturals, learn to go with the flow.


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It’s all about the journey.

Learning to love your natural hair goes much deeper than the surface. Wearing your natural hair becomes a journey of cultivating a closer connection with yourself. To make the journey more enjoyable, give more consideration to the transition. I learned of William Bridges work on Managing Transitions from a fellow creative entrepreneur. His definition of transition helps with understanding the struggle women experience when transitioning to natural hair.

One of his key concepts is that change and transition are different. He explains that we often fixate on the change, the actual event that happens and forget to tend to the transition, the non-linear emotional journey that accompanies a change and can go on even after the actual event has ended. Many women worry more about wearing curly hair vs straight, comments from friends, family, and co-workers, and managing a new hair care regimen, and forget to manage emotions such as feeling insecure about the length of their hair, or being afraid to wear their own hand, and embarrassed about not knowing how to care for it.

We use term “transition loosely” without considering the deep meaning of the term. According to William Bridges, transition is an emotional journey. You need to give yourself time to move through that and pay attention to your internal heartfelt experience of the transition. Ask yourself why it is important that you wear your hair natural. The answers will help keep you on track during tough times.

Bridges insists you must let go of the ending before you can fully step into the new beginning. Think about messages you heard about your hair growing up. Let go of any limitations and negative thoughts you have about your hair. Celebrate the new and say good-bye to the old with a ritual. Join a workshop at naturally you salon for hands on practice managing your curls with confidence.

Starting the journey can be frightening. Allow yourself space to envision your new beginning.  Start by visualizing yourself with your ideal hairstyle(s). Everyone has the potential to grow healthy hair. First you must know that your hair needs regular TLC to be healthy. All living things look more alive when they are loved. Your hair and scalp can be healthy and easy to manage with the right care. Consult a professional for feedback on the condition of your hair and to discuss options for moving forward with your goals. Remember it’s all about the journey. It is yours. Enjoy every moment! The challenges you face while transitioning to your natural hair help you learn to love and develop your whole unique self.

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